About the blog

Who is The Guru?
It’s you. It’s the blog! I will be the person managing it, and of course, doing some writing. Since I believe everyone knows something worth sharing, my hope is that I get you to share your knowledge and experiences with others.

Who is The Study Abroad Guru for? What is it about? SAG logo SM. small
This blog is directed to any person intending to go abroad, with a special focus towards those planning on studying abroad. The objective of this project is to advise students and help them get ready for an experience abroad by creating a community where people can share their knowledge and experiences that others could ultimately take as words of wisdom.

Who is writing? 

Juan Carlos Ver el perfil de Juan Carlos Ruiz Coll en LinkedIn

My name is Juan Carlos. I grew up in Venezuela, at the age of 16 (I’m 26 now) my family and I immigrated to the United States looking for a better life and so on. At The Ohio State University, just by chance and sort of ironically, I discovered the Italian language. Yes, Italian in Ohio. By the end of my studies, I came to a point when I wanted to see Italy, but not from a superficial level that an unaffordable vacation offers. I decided that the only way to understand and appreciate whatever my major in college entailed was to live what I studied; immerse myself in Italian culture. And so I came here, to Siena, on study abroad. I said “here” because I now I have been living here in Siena for 3 years where I work for that same study abroad program that hosted me as a student, Siena Italian Studies. Ever since then and amazed by how such experience changed me and affected me on the personal and professional levels, I’ve become an advocate for study abroad, international education, and intercultural exchange.

With this my only hope is that students will find The Study Abroad Guru as a valuable and enjoyable resource, but more importantly that it is not fed just by me but also by you, the real gurus.

Juan Carlos


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