Experiences Can’t Be Told by Somebody (Guru: May Pichaipan)

This is my first time studying abroad and I’m so happy to be in Italy and studying at Siena Italian Studies. Before coming here I knew nothing about Italian language and it’s still kind of hard to learn about it. But the thing is I really enjoy everything I learn because it’s an interesting language and I’m happy all the time when I can talk to my host family in Italian.

All staff and teachers here are great!  They always helping me with everything I need. I take Italian class and at first I thought I would be so hard for me to learn the language; but Fiora, my lovely Italian teacher makes everything easier. She’s always smiling and makes all grammar topics interesting. At SIS staff takes care of students like family which is great!

Learning Italian is always interesting. I made lots of mistakes and keep doing it until now. Once, I wanted to tell my Italian friends that I was so happy or “felice” after we went out together so I said in Italian (and out loud!) that “sono facile” which means ‘I’m easy’ and that made everybody laugh.

I do the service-learning here at a high school and also at a kindergarten. At the high school I go to the English class to talk with students and help them practice their English and we talked about culture, careers, food, politics. They are so sweet and funny! The kindergarten is one of my favorite places. Kids in my class keep talking to me in Italian and my job is trying to make them learn some English and that’s so much fun. I ran into some of them in Siena and when they saw me, they waved hands, and said “ciao!”. That just made my day!

Because in university my major is international affairs, I think languages are really important to help me communicate with people from all around the world and I’m so happy now that I’m learning one of the most beautiful languages. And I will keep practicing it when I go back to Thailand and in the future I hope that I can come back here again to visit my host family, my friends and all the staff at SIS. 


At Vatican City with SIS Religion and Cultures class.

Here I have met a lot of people. Most of students in program are from the U.S and they are really nice. Some of my friends really want to go to Thailand because they love thai food and I just told them that Chiang Mai, my city, is the first place that they should visit.

We’ve done lots of activities. We went to The Alps, Cheese factories, hot springs, and last week we went to see the opera in Florence and it was good experience for me. We’ve visited lots of museums full of history . I’ve seen many things that I’ve been reading about it for a long time and that makes me love Italy even more.

I really like Siena not just because it’s so beautiful but also people here are so nice. THE FOOD IS GREAT! I don’t know how much I weight now but I’m always happy eating food here. My host family is the best! My host mom, Elena, she makes me Italian food everyday and takes good care of me. Also my host dad, Ricardo, he is a dentist and we always talk together in Italian and that helps me practice my Italian a lot. Sometimes my host brothers come to have dinner with us and they all are really nice and I feel like I’m the part of family, which is makes me so happy and comfortable.

Sometimes I help Elena prepare food but actually she really wants to cook it herself and let me enjoy all food after everything’s done. And I am totally happy with that! First when I got here, I couldn’t stop myself from eating gelato. In Thailand I always enjoy ice cream but HERE, I enjoy every flavors of gelato even more.



I used the TheStudyAbroadGuru.com scholarship money to went to Rome last month and that was so great. I went there with Alessio, my best Italian friend who went to Thailand before I came here. We had a great time there and visited many places. Also last week, I went to Naples and Pompei for first time with my friends in class and we had the best pizza together in Naples and Pompei was really impressive.

From now on I have  3 weeks left in Italy and I really want to say thank you to everybody who gave me this opportunity. New people, new language, different culture and great experiences are the best things that I’ve got. When I go back to Thailand I know all my friends will ask me about everything here.

After I tell them every single detail about this program; one more thing I’m going to tell them is all experiences can’t be told by somebody, you have to go and get it there by yourself. And Italy is the first choice to go.

SIS makes everything simple but valuable, learning language by living with native speakers, understanding culture by living in that culture and SIS just does it perfectly.

About May…
May is a third-year student from Chiang Mai University in Thailand. She studies Internatioanl Affairs and Political Science, and is currently a student at Siena Italian Studies as the first one through the SIS-ISEAA exchange program.

Post by: May Pichaipan
(edited by Juan Carlos)